Is your skin getting dry? Do you need to wax? Is your Acne flaring up? Do you feel you aren’t keeping up with your skin regiment? Do you feel you need some advice on your skins current condition? Now there is a new way of connecting with an industry expert, ordering and having the products delivered directly to your front door!! Online shopping has become the new norm for all of us. Continuing with our beauty and skincare treatments has been challenging in isolation until now with Virtual Beauty Pro.

Keeping up with your beauty and skin regimens at home is just as important as it has ever been. With the focus on virtual conversations showcasing primarily our faces, you’ll want an easy way to maintain your skin with a company that allows you to customized your needs and have the products shipped directly to your home. With educated estheticians right by your side, this unique company is creating a first in an industry that is changing and growing with the times.

Virtual Beauty Pro allows you to connect with an expert in the beauty and skincare industry, help customize your needs and then with a click of the button, the products are delivered to your front door. is an extremely user-friendly site, connecting you with the top estheticians and beauty/skin experts. Providing you the right treatment and regimens to continue to help your skin stay healthy during social distancing with top quality products delivered to your home.

Check out some of these incredible Brands your estheticians love:

  • Italwax for waxing
  • PHYTO-SINTESI,VitapelleBeautyMed, ROSE SKIN CARE PRODUCTS, HYLUNIA, and Pierre F for skincare
  • MOIRAand NATALI BB Cream 30 Makeup
  • Ardell or Lashes
  • AQ COSMETICS Biocellulose 2-in-1 Masks & MOIRA Tissue Masks for Face Masks
  • NATALI Essential Oils and Mixed Oil Sprays for Aromatherapy
  • Gehwol for hand and feet care
  • Check of Many more industry favourite brands and essential tools you need for all beauty and skincare treatments

Now for work or personal interactions, don’t be afraid to get your face up close and personal for all your of virtual chats. Keeping up with a new or regular beauty treatments will allow your skin to look its best and you’ll feel ready to tackle another day and another virtual chat.

Comment and let us know what’s been going on with your skin and what treatments you might be looking for. Also, check out and find a Virtual Beauty Pro close to you.